Understanding and Working with Personality Disorder

Fashionable student girl with Afro haircut wearing denim jacket, bandana and facial piercing, looking and smiling at camera with happy and cheerful expression, touching her face while relaxing indoorsPersonality disorder is a mental health condition that affects the way people may interact with others that can cause difficulties in working and peer relationships. 

There is a general lack of understanding around what a personality disorder is. This 1-day course, helps to demystify the diagnosis and provide practical skills on how to support someone who has a personality disorder. 

Why Understanding and working with personality disorder?

This 1-day awareness course is designed to provide:

− An overview on what personality disorders are and how they may affect someone’s behaviour and thought process.

Understanding how a personality disorder develops

− Practical skills to engage with those whose personality disorder is causing distress or difficulties in their lives

− The importance of team support and working together



Course focus

  • What is a personality disorder?
  • Personality disorder types
  • Understanding the feelings and emotions
  • Common challenges
  • Treatment options
  • Self-help strategies


Course structure

The structure of this course is best as a 1-day course but can be arranged over two half-day sessions. 

The course consists of a mixture of group work, videos and practical exercise to enhance the skills and understanding of the course content.