Self-harm and Suicide

There is an average of one death by suicide every 2 hours in the UK

Mental Health Foundation, 2018

Man looking through windowThe suicidal mind can be a difficult concept for some to understand. Those left behind are often plagued with questions or concerns that they didn’t see any signs their friend, colleague or family member were in mental distress or thinking about ending their live. 

This workshop examines some of the reasons, thoughts and misconceptions around dying by suicide.


Why Self-harm and Suicide?

This half-day workshop supports understanding of:

− Self-harm and self-injurious behaviour

− The suicidal mind and how it can affect individuals

− Methods of support for someone who self-harms or feels suicidal



Course focus


  • Types of self-harm 
  • Physical and emotional reactions
  • Disclosure & duty of care


  • The impact of suicide
  • Signs and triggers
  • Support strategies


Course structure

This is a half-day workshop that can be targeted for those working with adults or young people.