Personality Disorder types

There are a number of noted Personality Disorder types each with a range of characteristics and behaviours.  To help categorise the different PD types they have been grouped into Clusters; A, B & C. The PD types and clusters are listed in two key books that clinicians use when giving a diagnosis. These books are; The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual V (DSMV) – and the Information and Classification of Diseases 10 (ICD10).

You may receive a diagnosis which is based in either of these books, the main difference with receiving a diagnosis from one of the books is that even though the recognised symptoms and behaviours may be similar the name of the Personality Disorder can be different.

Below is a list of the different personality disorder types with an overview of some of the symptoms and behaviours. (Please note: this is for information purposes only)

[add details as per PP presentation with see more content for descriptions]


It is important that we can all have elements of the characteristics and symptoms of a personality disorder but that does not mean that we have a PD, see How is PD diagnosed for more details, however if you feel that any symptoms that you have are making your life and interacting with people very difficult it may help to get some advise from your GP or mental health professional.