PD diagnosis

[Someone’s story]

Like …. you may have had different diagnosis at different times, however as more mental health professionals understand more about personality disorders there are more PD diagnoses.

You can receive a diagnosis from …… It’s not always quick to receive a diagnosis as the mental health professional may need the time to understand your behaviours and actions over a period of time.

How is a Personality Disorder diagnosed?

[Information about the different tools]

Receiving a diagnosis can be; confusing – ‘What does it mean?’, ‘Am I broken?’ Upsetting – ‘No one will want anything to do with me’ ‘I don’t know who I am’,  frustrating ‘It’s just another label to palm me off’ or relief ‘at last I know what’s wrong with me’ – you may even feel all three or more – which is completely natural. Once you understand what how your Personality Disorder has influenced your life and behaviours you can then start to work on reducing the negative aspects of a personality disorder and bring your other, more positive characteristics to the forefront.