Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

MHFA Courses

MHFA England logoThe goal of MHFA is to provide practical steps for individuals to support someone who is in mental health distress and promote wellbeing. Mental health First Aid is an international course with UK courses being licenced by Mental Health First Aid England. Windmill Training works with a variety of approved trainers and offers 3 MHFA courses to organisations.

Adult MHFA

This course is a two-day course and is focused on supporting adult mental health and wellbeing whether at work, home or in the community. The subjects covered are Suicide and Depression, Anxiety Disorders and Psychosis.

Youth MHFA

This is also a two-day course with the focus on young people’s mental wellbeing and ideal for people who work or support people aged 8-18. The subjects covered are Depression, Anxiety, Suicide & Psychosis with further information on Eating disorders and Self-harm.

Youth MHFA Champion

This is a one-day course which is ideal for those organisations working with young people who may not have the capacity to send their staff on the two-day training but would like more staff members trained in mental health awareness. The core subjects covered are Depression, Suicide, Anxiety and Non-judgemental listening. There is also an overview of Psychosis, Eating disorders and Self-harm.

All courses come with a comprehensive manual and a certificate upon completion. There is a maximum of 16 participants per course.

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About MHFA

Mental Health First Aid started in Australia in 2000. It has now been adopted in over 25 countries with its practical application of supporting others who are in mental distress or crisis. MHFA England is a Community Interest Company that runs and develops a range of MHFA courses.

MHFA is recognised as one of the leaders in initial mental health training with Teresa May pledging funds so each state school can have a member of staff who has been on the 1 day MHFA youth course.

The aim of MHFA England, is for all organisation to have at least one MHFA First Aider to provide initial support to a colleague or customer.