Mental Health Courses

Why train in mental health?

sad-womanOur mental health is unique to us. Just as different things can make us laugh or cry, aspects of life affect us in different ways too.

Training helps us to understand what is happening emotionally for someone when areas of their live get too much for them, why people act in certain ways and that sometimes behaviours that people display can be misunderstood.

Most importantly, training will help you to know what you can do to support someone.

Our training programmes aren’t just about what we can show you but also to confirm and build on your current knowledge and skills

Which course is best for you?

 KUF Awareness  Mental health First Aid (MHFA)
This nationally recognised three-day course helps staff to better understand and support working with someone who has a diagnosis of personality disorder. MHFA is a global course to help individuals gain knowledge and skills in immediate support for people in mental distress or need support. We offer the MHFA Standard, MHFA Youth which are both two day courses & MHFA Schools which is a one-day course.
Mental Health Awareness Advanced Mental Health Awareness
If you would like a flexible course tailored to your organisation needs this one-day course may suit. Working with you to produce the key elements of mental health awareness that will fit with your organisational aims. A one-day course that works well for those who work with those with complex mental health needs. Through a mix of information and case studies, participants learn the impact of common mental health disorders, psychosis and substances.