Advancing Mental Health Awareness

It was good to get an in depth understanding of these conditions

Course participant, 2018

Silhouette head with the brain

Mental health literacy and understanding has increased in the last 10 years, with organisations in all industries providing mental health awareness training for their staff. 

Advancing Mental Health Awareness was originally designed for skilled and new staff who work in a range of residential units supporting ex-offenders who have a variety of mental health conditions including dual diagnosis. They wanted something more than basic awareness that would have a practical element in how they could work with and understand their clients needs.   

Why Advancing Mental Health Awareness?

This one-day course is suited to those working directly with clients with mental health diagnosis and supports understanding of:

− Implementing the NICE guidance for mental health conditions

− How psychosocial strategies supports clients

− How the brain is impacted with different disorders

− Putting skills into practice through case studies



Course focus

  • Common mental health disorders
  • Psychosis and its presentations 
  • Substances and addiction
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Support


Course structure

This is a one-day workshop and consists of a mixture of group work, videos and practical exercises to enhance the skills and understanding of the course content.