About Us

The History of Windmill Training

Windmill Training started in 2005 to help fill the gap in developing programmes and teaching vocational, basic and life skills for mental health service users in hospitals, supported housing projects and secure units.

Our successful approach to working with service users and the mental health sector led to us working with other industries who wanted to develop their knowledge in understanding mental ill health.

We have worked with businesses and charities to create bespoke training as well as deliver nationally recognised courses that enable staff to recognise symptoms of poor mental health, how it can affect their clients and what they can do about it within their services.

Since our initial beginnings we have:

– Partnered with local and public sector organisations to manage local and regional training.

– Supported organisations with staff professional development

– Designed courses for local and public sector organisations

– Linked with national charities to support teacher training qualifications for teaching staff

And we’re not stopping there…
Our assessing and quality assurance qualifications will be out very soon.

Why work with us?

Learning the right skills creates confidence in working with client groups, can enhance staff and working relationships.

Our goal is for each individual to benefit from the best learning experience possible through accredited and specifically designed courses, flexibility in course delivery, progression support and communication.

What to find our more? We’d be happy to talk to you – contact us here