3-Day KUF

All of the material covered was relevant and it was appropriate for all settings. Thank you for a great, informative course.

NHS worker, 2019

Fashionable student girl with Afro haircut wearing denim jacket, bandana and facial piercing, looking and smiling at camera with happy and cheerful expression, touching her face while relaxing indoorsThe awareness level programme is the foundation element of the Knowledge and Understanding Framework and provides students with the underpinning knowledge and understanding required to work more effectively with service users with a diagnosis of personality disorder.

The awareness level programme is made up of six online modules assessed through a virtual learning environment alongside experiential training days. The modules have been designed with underpinning principles to guide the activities and learning.


Why 3-Day KUF?

This course is suitable for anyone working with those with complex needs or interpersonal difficulties. This can include community mental health teams, NHS staff, voluntary and 3rd sector workers. The 3-day KUF course is designed to give you:

− A deeper understanding of how personality disorders can develop

− Understanding of the impact of stigma and how it affects staff and clients

− Time to reflect on current practices and potential improvements to services

− Understanding of how a common approach by services can support an individual dealing with complex issues.


Course focus

  • What are personality disorders?
  •  Labeling, myths and impacts
  • Past experiences on present behaviour
  • Understanding different perspectives
  • Equipping the organisation to work with personality disorders
  • Positive outcomes and responses
  • Self care


Course structure

The KUF Awareness course is delivered through 3 facilitated training days with two weeks apart on each day to allow time to access online materials. 

The course consists of a mixture of group work, videos and practical exercise to enhance the skills and understanding of the course content.